*St Andrews Cross

*Gibbet Cage

*Bondage Bed

*Bondage throne


*Sleep Sack

*Various Electrics

*Canes, Floggers, Whips

*Straight Jacket




Sanitation involves the hygienic disposal and treatment of the studio equipment such as the sterilization of instruments used in medical sessions, sharps bins for safe disposal of medical waste.  Disinfection of all floggers, apparatus and even the studio floors themselves!

Use of protective clothing and barriers, such as condoms must be used on ALL insertables, and gloves worn during sessions for saftey.

Also, on all impliments, apparatus and floors, a dual action product is used which is an enzyme digester and is highly effective in the removal of blood, grease, food, vomit, faeces, and protein stains, whilst the deodorizing agent breaks down the source of odours AND An antibacterial product is then applied.

Medical waste is placed into a sharps bin and is removed from the premises for incineration.

Studio Space

I work from Abstrakt Me Studios, which is based in the city centre of Glasgow.

It is situated on Hope Street, directly across from central station, in a discreet, private building.

Shower facilities and toiletries are provided as well as fluffy towels.

The studio itself is equipped with the highest quality apparatus. You can expect to see...

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